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Flexographic Printing Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine uses a high-speed printing process and fast-drying inks for creating superior quality prints for packing and other uneven surfaces. It uses the plates in the process made of rubber or flexible plastic, which allow the inked surface to conform to different substrates. Fair Deal Engineers has its name noted among the paramount Flexographic Printing Machine Manufacturers in Delhi/NCR that have an efficient and cost-effective solution for you to invest in.

Features Of Flexographic Printing Machines:

  • Flexo Printing Machine has a reliable drying system for speeding up the printing process
  • It’s easy operation, flexible starting and accurate color register give a fine finish to the final print
  • Flexographic Printing Machinery automatically stirs the printing ink
  • It also has an automatic brake circuit for controlling the working of the machine in one go
  • Moreover, the endurable working life of the machine gives its users value for their investment

Technical Specifications Of Flexo Printing Machine:




Printing Color



Material Feeding Width

1250 mm

1250 mm

Max Printing Width

1160 mm

1160 mm

Machine Speed

80 m/min

100 m/min

Printing Speed

3-50 m / min

3-80 m / min

Cylinder Rolls

Anilox Steel

Anilox Steel

Plate Lifting

By Hand


Gear Drive



Registration Precision



Web Guide



Un & Rewind Type

Autotension, Magnetic Power

Autotension, Magnetic Power

Winder Magnetic

5 Kg.

10 Kg.

Un-Rewind Roller



Un-rewind Dia

800 mm

800 mm

Dryer Length

800 mm

2000 mm

No of Fans to Dry

2 (B)

16 (S)

Heat Power

6 KW

9 KW

Total Power

11 KW

20 KW

Power Supply

3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz.

3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz.

Weight Approx

4000 Kgs

5000 Kgs

Dimension (W x L x H) Approx

2200 x 4000 x 3000 mm

2400 x 5000 x 3300 mm

Important Note Related to Flexographic Printing Machinery:

  • Measurement & Technical Specifications are general guidelines & may vary depending upon various conditions.
  • Printing Speed depends upon operating conditions / type of thickness of Non-Woven / Polythene / Paper, type of inks or chemical used & desired printing quality.
  • Actual looks of the Product may vary than shown in Photographs.
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